July 20, 2011


Day 347

I was going to post a bunch of photos from MOCA's "Art in the Streets" exhibit, but I think I've been looking at them too much because I can't tell if they're over- or underedited / blurry / grainy / ugly. That's the worst part about having a job and a hobby that both require heavy computer usage: You just can't trust your eyes anymore after 10+ hours on the laptop. Also, I've been shooting a lot of things at ISO 1600 (or is it 1200?) now, so the grain is hideous. I think it's time for a faster, sharper lens.

Oh photography, you definitely are not a poor man's hobby.

Anyhoo, this exhibit was probably the best I've seen in a lonnnnng time. (Much better than the Mona Lisa, Abel) The whole building was dedicated to street art, and Lord Banksy, of course, had an entire room filled with pieces, some of which I've never seen before. 


OK, I lied. I did end up posting some more pics.  

It was a good thing the curators didn't get the West Bank piece into the Geffen. It's my favorite, and I probably would've passed out from joy from seeing it in real life.

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