October 18, 2011

Salvation Mountain Continued



Here are the last batch of desert photos. I left most of them in their natural state. No Photoshop action this time besides upping the contrast and adding some vignette, which I'm using a lot more now.

Besides the yellow "brick" road you could walk up to to get to the top of the mountain, Leonard also constructed an inside portion so you could walk around. He used extra-large tires and clay to form the structure, adding telephone pole "trees" that all made you feel like Alice in Wonderland. While I had a hard time because of the harsh lighting outside, I struggled with the overly yellow look inside; the light was bouncing off of all the yellow paint. I think the fourth picture of Edgar and the one below him of the cat are too warm-toned, but the one he took of me petting the cat came out nicely exposed. Photography can drive me up the walls because of my perfectionist side, but it's also teaching me how to work with what I have. Adaptability is key.

Speaking of adaptability, Abel showed me a neat little tool I could use to view my screen in bright light. One please.

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