November 8, 2011

Happy Fourth!


What's the best kind of ship?

A friendship.

(Yes, I actually made him bring a toy ship when he came to visit me. Yes, I know what you're thinking. :D)

Today would have been our four-year anniversary. It's a different kind of celebration now, a happy realization that we're still close and supportive of each other without the toxic dependency. Even with these damn photos, Edgar was ever vigilant, trying to teach me for the 143th time how lighting works and how to balance out shadows. These very important concepts don't seem to stay in my brain for too long. High ISO + a slow shutter speed = temperamental Julie.

These were taken in a very, very dark room with light green walls, a small floor lamp and two 60-watt bulbs in those Home Depot clamp contraptions. See the first picture with the gray walls? Yeah, the room looks nothing like that. =D In the second picture, his side wasn't as lit as my side, which resulted in the green/yellow wall effect. I'm a sucker for gradiance, so hooray to this happy mistake. It still amazes me how pictures taken in the same setting can come out so different-looking.

The originals. Check out those puke green walls. 

P.S. While I was writing this, I found out that Heavy D died today. :( 

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